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April 27, 2009


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Laury Bourgeois

You're very welcome! And the same goes if you or you and the family are ever this way. I'm usually just passing through Paris these days, but will let you know! The Thomas Wolfe Society is having their annual meeting there at the end of May-I had hoped to go on the tail end of my trip to the states but now I'm leaving out of Toulouse and staying past the time of the meeting-Oh well-next year-but it's in Greenville South Carolina-not Paris!


Thank you so much for the invitation Laury! That could be great fun... Unfortunately September is not an easy month for French mothers, with back to school and everything that goes with it.
But if you are thinking of coming to Paris any time, please let me know :)

Laury Bourgeois

I'm getting better at wasn't the American I told you about, Evelyn! Another story for the terrace and a bottle of Cahors-Isabelle-maybe you should join us if you can!

Evelyn Jackson

Hi Isabelle and Laury...Maybe I'll get to Paris in Sept. when I'm there and meet your for lunch, Isabelle! Laury...was your 'corrector' the American woman you told me about? If so, I understand why you were upset. I think she might not have had the good intentions that Isabelle talks about. Wait 'til I get can correct my bad French! It'll make you feel better!

Laury Bourgeois

I understand about all that mixing-and the English English and the American English-spelling, pronounciation, and evening meanings between the 2 can be a nightmare. I'm often getting translations of English English from my friends here! I often get that deer in the headlights look with both French and English English!

Take care-Laury


Unfortunately I'm not very proud of my pronounciation... My accent is an awful mix of British English (in France we learn British English and not American English), American English (due to my numerous trips to the US), and French!!! All these accents mix in my brain and I'm sometimes completely lost on how to say some words!

I live in France, about 30 minutes West of Paris, near Versailles.
My husband has been living in France for 17 years now, and we speak French all the time (so it means that our 2 kids are learning English at school...).

A bientôt,

Laury Bourgeois

Thanks for your feedback Isabelle. From your response, it looks like your written English is "parfait"-and I'd imagine your pronounciation is too! Are you living in France or in the states?


There are A LOT of different accents in France, and the one from the Lot is far from being the easiest to understand, even for the French...

In general, accents from the South tend to put an emphasis on the last letters, it almost sounds like people are singing!

I don't agree with you or Evelyn (hi Evelyn, how are you?) on not being corrected when you don't say the words properly. I know it can be tiring to be corrected every few words, but it's the only way to learn how to say the words correctly...

I'm French and my husband is American, and when I speak English with my in-laws for example, they never correct me, whereas there are some words I know I don't say correctly. I feel stupid, because I know it's not the way to say the word properly, and they don't help me...

Keep your patience, people don't mean to be rude, they are just helping ;)

Evelyn Jackson

I think they add the 'ing' sound to those words in Provence as well. My French is so poor that I can't even tell the difference! I agree that unless you specifically ask someone for help, they should not correct you. It's rude.

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