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July 23, 2009


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Laury Bourgeois

One of the many things I love about living here, is that it is simple and uncomplicated in ways that it would be difficult to pull off in the states. The electricity went off a couple of times this morning (twice while I was on the computer) but I just let go, lit a couple of candles, wrote in my journal, played some piano and decided that if I had to have that hot cup of coffee I could heat it on the gas la vie en France is a good one! Love the story Niels-I think it might be good for all of us to get closer to the source!

Niels Windfeld Lund

between my article work right now, I cannot refrain of telling another story about 20 years when we had 2 small kids, a large house and almost no money, we even did ALL our laundry without machines, when our clothes washing machine broke down, and my brave father in law made a special washing table for us, so we could wash linen etc. without getting our back broken ! it was hard, I must admit, but our 2 adult sons are able to keep their clothes clean no matter where they are ! in fact, my wife asked me last night: what can we do more in order to live simple and frugal: no car, 90 % of clothes are 2nd hand, 80 % vegetarian, well we have a washing machine and we have 2 houses, one in Norway and one in Denmark, so some day we will live in only one house and grow our own food, but still travel !

Evelyn Jackson

Never say never is a valuable lesson to learn! Last fall,I started hanging all my clothes to dry either on the clothesline or on a drying rack in the house...I've saved about $10/month on my electric bill since then. Not a lot, but it helps and saves energy. Of course, it works because it's only just me; if I had a house full of kids, husband, I'd never be able to do it.

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