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August 16, 2009


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Laury Bourgeois

Hey Anne-sorry for all this confusion-I'm JUST a little ANAL and I like my photos to match up perfectly-it didn't happen! But-I'm learning to let go-I think! You are in the Contest...and I'm off to check out cheese! Thanks for hanging with me when technology fails...Laury


I think this is a great post..:-) What aren't you happy with, I think your photos look great!!

If you want to know about Cheeses of France, you will love this blog... Loulou loves French cheeses, ..!

Laury Bourgeois

No need to ask forgiveness Niels-I suggested it in my own way and the wheels are turning. When you see today's post, you'll realize that I'm throwing the whole thing out here to the universe...and who knows...whether it's Columbus Street or with friends of mine...there's always a place for my friends and I to party in New Orleans-Overalls or not! Glad you like the new photo-I think it looks pretty with the black background too-Off to powerpoint!

Niels Windfeld Lund

hi just a short note before semester starts here on campus ! I like your new photo with the red flowers around your blue overalls, it is good on the black background ! and forgive me for suggesting New Orleans as festival site in 2010, it just came up in my mind, but I will be happy if we can make it (and afford it! low practical thoughts !) have a nice Monday

Laury Bourgeois

I guess I need to go back at some point and read some of the banner instructions I've found. That overalls picture is washed out anyway-I'm thinking maybe I'll try a new photo there as well. I say wait to change your blog Evelyn till after you've been over here to Mélange some magic. What a nice way to return, feeling fresh and new and make a statement that expresses that!-Just an idea!

Evelyn Jackson

I thought about black for my blog and decided against it because in my format, it was hard to read. I don't have any trouble reading yours, tho.
I think it showcases some of your photos beautifully, but I agree with Arabella that it washes out the photo of you. I think you'll just have to try it awhile and see how you like it. When I've experimented with different photos for my banner, some worked okay and some didn't at all...I'd have big open spaces on the sides. I'm not sure why. All this experimenting is making me think maybe I should change out my wisteria.

Laury Bourgeois

I'm screaming with this banner stuff trying to get photos in, etc. I like the idea that it feels like a movie Niels...I always say that I live in a painting and my life is a movie...maybe this is it!

Niels Windfeld Lund

hi again, well, regarding the black background, it actually makes it look like a movie or sitting in a cinema and look into a movie about your life ! well, thats how I see it ! niels

Laury Bourgeois

Hi Arabella-my sister, Kat, said the same thing about the black background. I'm still playing around trying to get it the way I want it-this computer stuff is not my strong suit but I'm learning. You will be seeing the fruits of my effort over the next week-Happy Sunday-Love-Laury


The photos look good as does the layout. On my computer your background is black. I know that layout colors can look different depending on the screen you have. I find the black hard as a background. It washes out the great photo of you in your overalls. Perhaps you might consider playing with background color. That's my feedback for the day.

Laury Bourgeois

I like the black background for the photos too Niels-what do you think about it for the written pieces? Thanks for sharing the umbrella piece-I went over to say hello to Donna and check it out! Happy Sunday-Laury

Niels Windfeld Lund

Hi just returned from weeding in our mountain garden I find your photo collage excellent, no problem, just continue in this way! I like the black background for the photos ! and regarding umbrellas, look here :
70b so what is river-happy sunday ??

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