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August 19, 2010


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Laury Bourgeois

I thought it was pretty small Laurie, but it actually sounds like I may even have more at my fingertips over here. Sam and I say "You're Welcome" to you and Zoe!


Sweet offer Laury but we are set for now thank you! BTW where I live now is a minute fraction of the size of St Louis or New Orleans... shopping is a whole nuther adventure in foraging. :)

Laury Bourgeois

I've found them in St. Louis and New Orleans, so I'm surprised to hear that they don't have the soft ones where you are Laurie. Would you like me to send you a pack? I'm sure Sam would be happy to share at least one. We have plenty!


These soft 'Lickins' aren't so easy to find here either Laury! THey're mostly crunchy now. My Zoe (looks like Sam) only wants those softies as well (especially since a FAB natural soft treat disappeared from the marketplace a couple years back). So glad you got a care package!! Both pets seem to have their treat angels :) Purrrrrrrrrr

Laury Bourgeois

You should hear her Eric, she makes these kittie sized multiple roars as she eats them! She is a sweetie!


Sam is such a sweetie...deserves every treat!

Laury Bourgeois

I think we're stocked up here fine Anne. Actually, something arrived here for you today from Kat-a little surprise to be waiting in your room!


Doesn't eat much then! Not like our cat used too :-) ..shall I have a look here? speak soon take care Anne xox

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