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March 22, 2012


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Laury Bourgeois

Good to hear you're back in your overalls and enjoying the sunshine! I'm hoping to do both as I get back out on the land to clear, prune, plant, and keep getting us in shape for a beautiful spring and summer! Happy Weekend to you too-Love, Laury

Niels Windfeld Lund

Today, I have enjoyed the sunshine here in Oslo on the terrace of the Governmental building where I worked this week, and it is almost summer here, while still Winter up in the North, where I won't be back before after Easter ! Easter egg will be eaten in Denmark in our farmhouse and now I'm back in overalls for a looooooonnnnnng time, except when I'm flying ! it is so wonderful ! but it was also very interesting work I must admit, despite the actually small pain not wearing overalls this week ! Have a really nice weekend, love Niels

Laury Bourgeois

I sure did Constance-and I commented back at the time! Sam is funny, you think you got the best shot of her and she does something else even cuter! I've seen that some of my photos from the blog are on Pinterest but I don't know anything about it. I'll check it out and see what else I can learn about it. Love to you and your Mom-Laury and Sam


Did you just get my last comment????
THis is a fantastic photo of Sam! Oh my yes!!!
I had to call my mother in to see this one!
Anyway Laury,
Do you know of Pinterest?
Please advise.
I will be pinning your photograph now into : Portraits.

Love to you,

Laury Bourgeois

And sometimes I unknowingly catch those smiling moments just right!


Sam makes me smile!!

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