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January 26, 2013


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Niels Windfeld Lund

oh, you make me smile happily, and I can see you in the more and more worn, getting better and better, pink overalls walking around in NO, perhaps it is actually a bit more "easy" to wear them there in NO than in France, not to speak about Germany or Netherlands ! I'm really looking forward to visit the vintage store with my name :?) purple and gold striped sounds really like NO (in y imagination) now time to make dinner to my family ! lol Niels and I'll try to get back to blog next week

Laury Bourgeois

You'll laugh Niels...I've been wearing my pink ones more to work in and run around in. They are toning down a bit-I've found a great second hand shop on Decatur Street that has vintage clothes and a few pairs of overalls. There was a purple and gold striped pair I almost bought, then went back and they were gone. The store has your name on it. We will have to go when you and Bodil are here-and I will go back to see if they have any more over time. I'll keep you posted. Have a great Sunday-Love, Laury

Niels Windfeld Lund

hi Laury, how are you ? sounds you are very much back at HOME ? and not missing your overalls :) too much good in NO to be missing anything, right ?
I'm here in Oslo, mid btw Tromsø and Denmark, visiting my son and my grandsons, not missing anything either except from Bodil, good to go home tomorrow, in this round for a week and then back 10 days in Tromsø and then back etc. looking forward to 2014 with only one base !:) and then probably start being restless and going out again ! take care, love Niels

Laury Bourgeois

And, I understand! By the way-the application is in. Will give you a call later today! Love, Moi


...we live in Louie's house...

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