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November 30, 2017


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Laury Bourgeois

Thanks for checking in Susan-it was a popping spark from the fireplace to the canape-au lit. I was sitting right there. I tried to put it out, but it went up quickly. I'm grateful to be here and majorly heartbroken about Sammie cat-Love, Laury

Susan (from Beduer)

Laury, what has happened? I gather that you have had a fire from your post. I am so sorry to hear this, but reassured by your description of all the love and help you are receiving. And to lose Sammie too - what on earth happened?

Laury Bourgeois

Thanks, Duncan...I'm doing my very best. Really, anything else right now is counterproductive. I still have my moments...just too much loss-Love, Laury

Laury Bourgeois

Hey SB-took me a minute to realize it was you. Your sweet note here means so much-it's all been pretty surreal but I'm putting the pieces back into place slowly. It will come. I will still be back in NO on tne night of the 28th and offering the workshops in January/February. Thanks so much for your love and support-Love from the Lot-Laury

Laury Bourgeois

Aw Larry-you've been so wonderful. Hug on those 4-legged children with all youb got and give Peanuts a big kiss on the lips for me. I'm in the apartment-exhausted-but putting it all back together...I WILL STILL BE Back in NEW ORLEANS on the evening of the 28th...Lots of Love-Laury

Duncan & Merete in Bergen.

Chin up, Laury, that's the spirit!


Such a beautiful tribute and testimony. I am happy to read that you had such an amazing support system during this challenging time.I know that the universe has wonderful things in store for you. Continue to send you love and light! shawne (from NO)

Larry Graham

Laury, Sending love and best thoughts your way this were still on my mind when I had my coffee. I'm very sad about your loss...especially Sammie Cat. I hugged Peanuts extra this morning....
just wanted you to know. Any idea when you'll be back to NOLA? I want to visit when you are. xoxo Larry & Peanuts

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