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June 06, 2018


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Hi Laury, I/we understand, one day at a time is the way forward for all of us. Here I need to get used to very strict limits for my social activities and the need for me to lay down at least twice a day, so no stress around traveling up to us, you will come and the guesthouse will be ready for you, lots of love to you from me and Bodil

Laury Bourgeois

Hey Niels-it seems that the weather is crazy all over the world. I'm grateful not to be in the scorching heat of New Orleans OR Denmark for that matter. I am finding that the thought of traveling anywhere right now is stressful for me. There is so much going on here and I am much more overwhelmed and sad than I really allow myself to be sometimes and it catches up with me. I'm okay-a day at a time. That said...I'm thinking it's going to have to be next year to visit you and Bodil. I feel like I keep putting you off, but there's just been so much lately-I know you understand. We shall catch up-Hang in, Stay Cool, and know I love you both-Laury


I hear and see how you were some years ago, back to the great life of cleaning and clearing in overalls :) here I secretly hope there will come some rain, have been hot for weeks now, May has been the warmest May in 100 years ! , almost no rain at all! and down at you it pours down and up in our old home, Tromsø, it is around freezing point and snowing!! strange overall ! have you any plans to come here ? perhaps next year ? love, miss you, Niels and Bodil

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