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Ahh, someone who appreciates quality correspondence over the bilge that seems to cover shop shelves. When we go abroad, I always shop for writing materials. Some of my nicest cards have come from Florence (as you can imagine), England (specifically the Cotswolds), and Edinburgh. I'm a rubber stamper, so had great fun shopping in foreign office supply stores for the stamps they had to offer. Such fun!

Laury Bourgeois

Merci Pattie-it's funny, after all these years away from high school, I'd have to say that we are more "birds of a feather" than I might have imagined then. I've loved the rubber stamps you've shown, and enjoy your decorating savvy. I'm a little less of a chef, but your recipes have been tempting too. I certainly hope we don't lose the urge to write by hand, send snail mail, enjoy postage stamps, and are able to continue to be patient and realize that there are just somethings that are worth waiting for that don't require "real time"! Happy Friday-Laury

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