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Louis Plauche'

Interesting. Are you greatly affected by flying long distances? I find that it takes me at least three days to start feeling normal after a cross-Atlantic flight, and Janet ALWAYS gets sick with various breathing disorders for a month or so. It looks like you can jump right in after a flight. Just curious.


Laury Bourgeois

Hey Lou-interesting question for me. When I fly alone I find that I'm great going towards Europe and can jump right in upon arrival. I have more trouble returning to the states, but find that if I can just keep on with whatever my routine is at the time regardless of how I feel...it's not so bad. My trouble comes when I travel with the pets because I have to do all kinds of physical, mental and emotional gymnastics to make sure that all of us are well and not too crazy. The other thing I would say is that I sleep in France...I don't seem to be able to sleep in the states. Oh well...I just keep moving. I think it's all worse as we get older. I'm sorting and trying to look long range for myself these days! Love, Laury

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