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Amy Emme

We are so related! It has taken me until 42 to develop some will power, it is like beautiful things cast a spell on me. This month I have been able to draw power from fall cleaning. I still have simplify goals that I have not met(my books being my biggest weakness). I appreciate how you focus on the beauty in the moments. Love you!

Laury Bourgeois

I know what you mean about books, Amy. They are my biggest weakness too. Moving to France in 2006, I discovered what I truly loved and books, my art, my family photos, my sheet music, and a few other things (a deviled egg plate or two). If I was willing to pay to ship them or carry then to France, they were important to me. It seems our heritage is "stuff" challenged. We are still working at it over here on Elizabeth. Thanks for the kind words-Love, Laury

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